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Law, CulturesIn modern societies, law plays a vital role in resolving conflicts and disagreements. But let us look at how law partakes as a social institution and as a central feature of popular culture. We will make a scientific reconnoitre on the natures of law and its relationship to social change.

There are a lot of different cultures throughout the world. Societies and nations are governed with different social orders. These social orders are implemented through governance and judiciary system that legislates and executes the rule of law.

In our society characterized by rampant crimes, severe economic crisis, and other societal ills, the law plays a very important role to stabilize and balance the struggle of each social class. But what happens if there are instances when the law of the government does not apply to the law of different groups or tribes.

Law, CulturesThere are different lenses that are used in order to look at how law works and how law is defined. For some, law is a nightmare, but for many, the law is the emphasis of order and social process in the nation and throughout other countries. But there are just some inevitable and surprising situations where we cannot decipher where the “law” that we usually know place itself.

For instance, with tribes or groups that has its own traditions, cultures, and way of living, where does the law of the government partake? These groups have their own procedure on how to resolve conflicts and battles within different groups. They have their own policies and rules. So if they have an unresolved issue which afflicts in between the venn diagram of their society and the “outside” society, which rule of law should they follow or should they be punished?

Being in the middle of their territory and the boundaries of the society that we recognize, there are two different laws that govern — one from the government and the other one from the other tribe. There are actually a lot of cases like these, as anthropologists all over the world have studied regarding the issue on how to resolve the conflict of groups with a different law and how does the government settles these problems with those groups who do not recognize themselves as part of the jurisdiction of the government.

This emphasizes the bond of the relationships among and in between economic, cultural, social, political process and of legal devices.

Let us explore how law is deployed and mobilized among ordinary citizens and how is it administered to those who do not “belong” in the same boundaries and government. This is to further understand the conflict and to further understand the systemic and situational demands within the legal systems across the nations that undergo through conflicts or problems as such. How is legality and the rule of law viewed through different lenses?

For anthropologists, there is such a thing called as ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is the notion that different cultures should not be judged based on your own culture. Because as we all know, there is no higher or lower level of culture. All are the same, it is just that cultures have different traditions and different ways of living.

For some areas that most people would label as “backwards” or “barbaric,” the norm can be something that is very strange and unnatural for us. But for them who have this very distinct kind of culture, the norm for us might be just as strange and unusual for them. This is where the conflict starts. No matter how much we see law as something that gives balance in the society for peace and stability, there are some unexplainable things that cannot be easily understood especially with various cultures and people involved. The difference of the laws that govern in a certain place is a vital factor why there is a conflict going on.

Law, Cultures

There are some cultures that still practice genital mutilations that can be very strange for us. There are some that romanticize cows as a heavenly gift from God; therefore they do not kill these animals. There are also some instances in which social structure is a norm, while for others there is no such thing as social strata and social structures. There are nomadic ways of living, on the other hand there are groups that still practice hunting and gathering. There really are a lot of differences among cultures.

Such things usually happen throughout areas that are in the middle of the borderline of a “developed” location and a “barbaric” group. The standardization of which one is developed and which one is not is even a triggering point of conflict between different cultures.

Law, Cultures

There are a lot of studies in anthropology that discuss different ethnographic studies in Africa, Philippines, Mexico, India, Boanas, and other places that have very interesting stories. They have different conflicts and different amazing stories of rich cultures across the nation and across the globe.

But for us who deal with the social norm, even conflicts under the same law are already hard to resolve. We need to immediately contact a Harrisonburg lawyer in order to resolve these issues for us because we, the citizens do not even know what the specifics of the rule of law are.

For other cultures and tribes, it is surprising how they resolve conflicts without the presence of a President, or a lawyer, or a doctor, or a teacher, and everything else that is opposite to what we have been accustomed to.

However, no matter how different their culture is, they have the equivalent roles for these positions that we have known as what is “normal” for a very long time.Related: port of san diego staff directory, chelsea academy staff, slickrock creek fishing, lions head property management okc, laura scudder’s potato chip commercial, special peculiarities in passport examples, flight 811 settlement, ralph garman family guy voices, welfare recipients by race 2021, city of red deer bylaws rv parking, dassault falcon jet human resources, why did rene kill sookie’s grandma, louis garneau men’s tri x speed iv shoes, wisconsin speed limit map, animal crossing dodo codes,Related: yakuza 0 dragon style how to use, rottweiler puppies for sale in usa, goku third eye technique, 1994 ucf football roster, john hallam obituary, ramen noodle broth before colonoscopy, are vehicle wraps capitalized, gpa calculator uq, jacob riis accomplishments, former koaa news anchors, ed gein last words, music studio space for rent monthly, house explosion caught on camera, club car onward enclosure, cisco 9800 wlc supported access points,Related: how did barbara mcnair die, what happened to dr laura’s dog mikey, se puede acostar un compresor de aire, the apple slices turns brown, how to cancel spot pet insurance, david allan coe house, santa monica college football roster 1997, nancy dornan new husband john, hinds county mugshots 2020, sarah jane real housewives salt lake city, naga city tourist spots, gofundme for funeral tacky, austin sound football roster, seton residence st paul mn, richard silva of silva brothers construction,Related: manchester monarchs 2022, cox funeral home obituaries belton sc, did patti labelle passed away today, is coconut oil high in potassium, ernest cooper obituary, westmoreland county most wanted, blank fillable fake car insurance card template, why did mirrah foulkes leave harrow, julia devito height, police escort for funeral cost, virtualbox drag and drop not working windows 11, why was saving grace cancelled, yonkers high school principal, karen dickey lindell obituary, man killed in uptown charlotte,Related: gifford pinchot trail map, stobhill hospital wards, gerald gordon obituary, ruddy gracia esposa, big lots flocked pencil tree, tl sleep urban dictionary, comcast vice president salary, enclave apartments berkeley, graham ferguson barnwood builders wife, columbia crew survival investigation report unredacted, boz burrell wife kath, how much does a liquor license cost in ohio, eve nichol today, new york yankees managers by year, is david kerley still with abc news,Related: mary joan newhart, keepmoat stadium covid testing, what if my doctor doesn’t have admitting privileges, brantley blue and gold jail list, what does k stand for in softball, statement regarding inability to obtain reasonable transportation, list of british female boxers, virtual desktop computer is unreachable, bathroom sink cover for counter space, how to calculate total distance traveled, supernanny benton family where are they now, used western chaps for sale, what happened to stana katic after castle, jewish exponent obituaries, southwest florida color codes,Related: why did lady jane felsham get written out of lovejoy, eight families that rule the world, the greatest show on earth train wreck, hardness of concrete, pennymac insurance claim check tracker, william buick house, michael wilson obituary august 2021, class 1a flight physical army, dave and buster’s donation request, how did mash units get electricity, return view in ajax call mvc, one fifth avenue restaurant nyc, evan funke wife, dr rachel nichols, peter polansky attorney,Related: horoscope cancer semaine prochaine evozen, is a black cross bad, lease buyout title transfer texas, predator poachers archive, mohonasen school tax bills, compare the personalities of walter and george murchison, the players club omaha membership cost, 5 foot rotary cutter for sale, fes credit repair lawsuit, rcmp missing persons alberta, full sail university closing, have dristan tablets been discontinued, buckingham palace built by slaves, mago autunno racconto, girl shot in cleveland, ohio,Related: john adair action centred leadership advantages and disadvantages, ginger british comedian female, jasmine crockett husband, distinguished gentleman’s ride london, noordam signature suite photos, best endurance trail saddle, mass miaa basketball tournament 2022, hot wheels volkswagen deluxe station wagon, feng shui tree of life with 7 chakras, koppers building directory, charles anthony vandross, jared mccain famous birthdays, check if domain is federated vs managed, neighbor rosicky conflict, perfume similar to alfred sung,



There are a lot of different religions that exist across the globe. People romanticize different scriptures that are according to the religion that they have. Even the values and the traditions are influenced by the religion of the people. 

For instance, in Islamic culture, women should always wear a Hijab. This is a cloth that is used to cover the hair of the Muslim women. In their religion, they do believe that women should wear modest clothes that would cover the entire body. There are even Islam women who wear clothes leaving only their eyes visible. While in contrast to this, there are still cultures where men and women have no clothes to wear as a part of their accustomed culture. 

Along with the religion that people have is also the reflection to their culture, traditions and way of living. They have different laws that they follow and they have different terms for the higher divinity. Religion shows how powerful it is that even the state and religion have two different jurisdiction and scope. 


Throughout the word, it is very interesting how people admire the God that they believe in. Some even believe that there are different Gods. There is a God of river, God of the trees, God of the mountains, and God of the land. There are various cultures that are really distinct from one another. 

This is not a question of what religion should we believe in. This is a question of how do we respect each other’s cultures and entities? 

  In the modern world today, various religions have been inferiority and superiority. For some, having a very distinct and unique religion can already be a cause of conflict or discrimination. For some, there are the struggles and advocacies of fighting against the racist perspective and view. While for others, they do not care as long as they know what they believe in and they know what they are doing. 

Religion and culture are things that are very hard to discuss because there are varieties of it that are contrasting and contradicting. However, despite the contradictions between religion, culture, and color, the humanity and the society itself have learned to create a bond to maintain peace and  harmony in dealing with each other. 

However, there are some laws that might be contradicted along with these differences and variations. We all know that differences can really be inevitable. That is why there are still a lot of on-going wars between different countries because of the conflict and contradictions of beliefs and ideology. 

Some have dialectic differences with the law, and some have different problems and issues between the religion and the state. But it is very important for everyone of us to find our inner peace and set aside the conflict going on. Deal with those contrasting ideas in a diplomatic and peaceful way. We have a lot of means in order to resolve problems and conflicts. We have a lot of options like seeking for the advice of a lawyer which will serve as the mediator. We can also seek help from the government and from the local leaders to easily resolve and settle or meet halfway if problems cannot be totally resolved. 

The world is not about your religion, or your color, or your ideology and beliefs. In this world, we are all ruled by the law of God. So we should learn to respect each other and find means in order to have a just and lasting peace.Related: is lady helen wogan still alive, donny pritzker age, rockville 2023 lineup rumors, wimbledon primary schools ranking, aubrey anderson emmons now, early marriage in nigeria: causes consequences and solutions, what language is jerusalema sung in, walrus singular possessive, rotary park lawrenceburg, tn, condos for sale in puerto vallarta by owner, express mysql session example, body found in milton keynes, is richard schiff related to adam schiff, bomba tv contact number, rob riggle holey moley salary,Related: colt sniper hook replacement, corsica ryan homes elevations, gabriel landeskog baby, 7 chakra stones necklace, what happened to dyani on dr jeff rocky mountain vet, rick cranmer sylvester, peel district school board transfer form, paul mcfadden rochester ny, black female singers 2000s, penn state calendar 2022, how deep to bury water line in ky, jake muzzin family, louisiana sales tax on cars, danielle goldberg wedding, nisha katona parents,Related: roy panettone discount code, disordered control of breathing pals, inventory management system java project report, roush production numbers by year, ruth cohen therapist, loews portofino breakfast, is 2560×1600 better than 1920×1080, how to make your angry girlfriend happy over text, bard’s tale 4 side quests, mitch mustain wife, why is farfetch so expensive, dhansak recipe from a parsi grandma, chief constable police scotland email address, woolworth building medford oregon, piel de cebolla enfermedad,Related: twelve restaurant happy hour, monster mini golf pricing, instant bank transfer paypal, 10 medicamentos del sistema respiratorio, diana king hawking, car accident rome, ny yesterday, text, ite trip generation 10th edition land use codes, lexington country club membership fee, cold justice case updates wongo, java war card game using arraylist, bunbury court listings, samira frasch daughters today, astral chain romance, carrickaneena irish wolfhounds,Related: waft emitter grounded, desert financial credit union mobile deposit funds availability, ventura police activity, colorado dmv schedule appointment, kite buggy parts, prize ideas for fitness challenge, us bank reo agent application, poetic techniques and their effects, john rubino net worth, how to get fishman karate in blox fruits, obituaries santa cruz, list of queen elizabeth hospital birmingham contact numbers, raw sushi menu near redding, ca, aurora il fire department roster, danny bowien youngmi mayer,Related: kansas state softball schedule 2022, is lord narcisse based on a real person, us mint police hiring process, foxwood condo association milford, ct, wentworth aircraft salvage, shih tzu puppies for sale in waterloo iowa, advantages and disadvantages of production possibility curve, vieques homes for sale by owner, tarrant county election results 2022, josie harris reality show, illinois high school volleyball rankings 2022, funeral homes in masontown, pa, jobs that hire at $15 in topeka kansas, troglodyte niger caveman, american bandstand obituaries,Related: raintree village condo association temple terrace, 42034233ff68f87f763a7b085b417 high school long jump record in feet, how much does don juan make kandi, peter pan goes wrong, blue point warranty claim, is sandy bottom closed, nat’s what i reckon carbonara, how to make indigo hair oil, sanford gym membership cost, perfview collect command line, return all creatures from all graveyards under your control, duke kahanamoku family tree, why did jez hermer leave monkey world, 302 with gt40p heads horsepower, new york medical college class profile,