There are a lot of different religions that exist across the globe. People romanticize different scriptures that are according to the religion that they have. Even the values and the traditions are influenced by the religion of the people. 

For instance, in Islamic culture, women should always wear a Hijab. This is a cloth that is used to cover the hair of the Muslim women. In their religion, they do believe that women should wear modest clothes that would cover the entire body. There are even Islam women who wear clothes leaving only their eyes visible. While in contrast to this, there are still cultures where men and women have no clothes to wear as a part of their accustomed culture. 

Along with the religion that people have is also the reflection to their culture, traditions and way of living. They have different laws that they follow and they have different terms for the higher divinity. Religion shows how powerful it is that even the state and religion have two different jurisdiction and scope. 


Throughout the word, it is very interesting how people admire the God that they believe in. Some even believe that there are different Gods. There is a God of river, God of the trees, God of the mountains, and God of the land. There are various cultures that are really distinct from one another. 

This is not a question of what religion should we believe in. This is a question of how do we respect each other’s cultures and entities? 

  In the modern world today, various religions have been inferiority and superiority. For some, having a very distinct and unique religion can already be a cause of conflict or discrimination. For some, there are the struggles and advocacies of fighting against the racist perspective and view. While for others, they do not care as long as they know what they believe in and they know what they are doing. 


Religion and culture are things that are very hard to discuss because there are varieties of it that are contrasting and contradicting. However, despite the contradictions between religion, culture, and color, the humanity and the society itself have learned to create a bond to maintain peace and  harmony in dealing with each other. 

However, there are some laws that might be contradicted along with these differences and variations. We all know that differences can really be inevitable. That is why there are still a lot of on-going wars between different countries because of the conflict and contradictions of beliefs and ideology. 

Some have dialectic differences with the law, and some have different problems and issues between the religion and the state. But it is very important for everyone of us to find our inner peace and set aside the conflict going on. Deal with those contrasting ideas in a diplomatic and peaceful way. We have a lot of means in order to resolve problems and conflicts. We have a lot of options like seeking for the advice of a lawyer which will serve as the mediator. We can also seek help from the government and from the local leaders to easily resolve and settle or meet halfway if problems cannot be totally resolved. 


The world is not about your religion, or your color, or your ideology and beliefs. In this world, we are all ruled by the law of God. So we should learn to respect each other and find means in order to have a just and lasting peace. 

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